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Love Meter • Find compatibility

Do you and someone else have something in common? Is he or she the one for you? This Love meter can help you figure it out. This is a simple Love Calculator which displays love percentage based on names. Enter your name and the name of your partner/lover/crush to find Love compatibility & chances of successful love relationship.

How does a Love Calculator work? The Love meter Algorithm

A love tool uses a set of rules to figure out how much someone loves them. Once you put in two names, this calculator compares the first name to some factors about love, marriage, and relationships. In the same way, the name of your partner or lover is compared to the same criteria. The love calculator's formula then figures out how many of the factors you share. Based on this research, the calculator figures out how much love or connection there is between two people.

Love Intensity Calculator • Love Tester to test love

Love meter is an online love detector with which you can figure out how well two people get along and how likely it is that their relationship will work.